For the longest time...

Greetings blog readers,

To my tried and true few (IE: my family members and closest friends) I want to extend a hello, hug, and apology for not updating this blog like I intended. I don't come making promises of frequent updates... but I would like to say a few things today.
One of my main reasons for lack of writing is that I am currently in a production of Crimes of the Heart with Mountain Community Theatre. This play opens in two weeks! Crazy, right? We have been rehearsing a ton and I think all in all, I will have over 120 hours of rehearsal, memorization, and driving time put in. This play is going to be absolutely amazing. It feels so good and refreshing to be doing theatre again. My favorite part of the process is discovering the character and spending lots of time trying to understand her thoughts, feelings, and motives. The hardest part is memorizing the lines, I'm a bit rusty. But, with the help of my lovely roommate, Kaitlin, I seem to be getting there. I wish that you all could come see the show. I think it's going to be my best performance yet.

Here's just a couple pictures taken from rehearsal. That's Shannon on the left and Jocelyn on the right. These pictures were taken by a wonderful photographer Lyle Troxell.         http://lyle.troxell.com/

If you want to see more about the show and MCT check out          http://www.mctshows.org/

Love to you all! More to come sooner than later :)


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  1. Fun reading your blog, questions about your walk across Golden Gate ..
    Can't wait to see you as Lenny, saw the film in 80's & enjoyed it, now I know I'll love it. WB